Peachjar's digital flyer system helps school districts increase parent & community engagement and provides families with access to school and afterschool programs.

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Let Peachjar Help Ease Back to School Madness

It’s that time of year again; the back to school rush is quickly approaching, and the team here at Peachjar is aimed at making your life as easy as possible in the process! In case you aren’t already familiar with the many ways Peachjar can help districts and schools handle all of your back to school communication needs, here’s a quick overview:

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Summer Learning Matters – Help Make a Difference Today

Did you know that during the summer students can lose two months of math and reading skills? That may not seem like a lot, but for students who don’t participate in summer learning programs, it can result in falling behind their peers academically by more than two years by the 5th grade. When you consider that economically disadvantaged students are most likely not to have access to summer learning programs, it becomes obvious how important summer learning can be to improving overall student success.

This week, we celebrate National Summer Learning Day to remind ourselves about the importance of summer learning and the opportunity community leaders and parents still have to make a difference in 2016. Almost 1,000 #summerlearning events are planned for July 14th and you can help keep that success growing until it’s time to go back to school! According to the Afterschool Alliance, ‘more than 70% of parents agree that it is important for their children to have summer activities that help them maintain academic skills and learn new things’. Unfortunately, for every one child enrolled in summer learning programs, there are two more that are not…

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