Peachjar's digital flyer system helps school districts increase parent & community engagement and provides families with access to school and afterschool programs.

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Reach K-12 Parents More Effectively This Back to School Season

Back to school season has arrived! Parents are now seeking educational opportunities for their children, to keep them active, healthy, and productive all year long. With so many options to choose from, parents need an easy way to view and sign up for these activities. That’s where Peachjar comes in!

According to a recent Blackboard study, 87% of parents said that email is the most effective method for communicating with them about their child. With a growing population of Millennial parents, it’s important that community organizations and activity providers meet parents where they are- in the digital space!

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Peachjar helps organizations like yours reach parents more effectively by delivering digital flyers right to their email inboxes and posting them to each school’s website, providing parents with multiple ways to access afterschool programs on the go.

Now why are afterschool programs so important? Because out of the 5000 hours that children are awake each year, only 1000 of those hours are spent in school. That leaves parents with 4000 hours to fill with meaningful activities. These activities help close the achievement gap, keep students from getting involved in crime and drugs, boost academic performance, and increase their earning potential later in their careers.


Source: Afterschool Alliance

Join us in our mission to ensure that students have access to afterschool programs that make a positive impact on their lives.

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By Susan Le, Marketing Manager at Peachjar

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Champions On and Off the Field

As the 2016 Rio Olympics draw to a close and back to school is upon us, we are reminded of the true purpose of afterschool programs- to create champions both on and off of the field, ensuring our children are building characteristics that will serve them for a lifetime.

To participate in an afterschool sport or program typically requires discipline, teamwork, focus, and commitment- all attributes of those most successful at life. Olympians like Michael Phelps and Kerri Walsh are true examples of champions, not only because they are the best at what they do professionally, but also because they are doing their best to help in their communities as they were helped as children.  There is no doubt that afterschool sports helped propel them to being both great athletes and great humans.

So as we celebrate our Olympic heroes and role models, let’s remember the power that afterschool clearly had for them, and ensure that our own children have the same opportunities of being true champions at life.

Celebrating Champion At Life:  Michael Phelps, USA- Founder of Michael Phelps Foundation

Michael notes, “I started swimming on my back because I didn’t like to get my face wet. But because I had someone to encourage me, who understood the importance of water safety, I developed a comfort level for the water. The more time I spent in the water, the stronger I became, and my passion for the sport grew. Swimming provided the opportunity to stay healthy while I learned about hard work, determination, and setting goals. I’m proud to say these principles guided me through my career and are the foundation to our swim program.  With the help of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Special Olympics we have reached over 15,000 program participants since 2010 with our life-saving programming.”

Celebrating Champion At Life: Kerry Walsh, USA- Founder of Chase the Stars Foundation


Kerry founded the Chase the Stars Foundation in 2004 to support programs and events that directly improve the well-being, health, and quality of children’s lives.  Kerry has said with regard to life and sport, “Passion is a huge prerequisite to winning. It makes you willing to jump through hoops, go through all the ups and downs and everything in between to reach your goal.”

Celebrating Champion At Life: Johann Olav Koss, Norway- Founder of Right to Play USA1612Right

Johann founded Right to Play USA, a global organization that uses sport and play to educate and empower children and youth to overcome poverty, conflict and disease.

One inspiration in founding Right to Play, as Johann recalls it: “I met the President of Eritrea (in Africa) and said, ‘You need food and I have brought sports equipment. I made a mistake. I’m sorry.’ He looked at me and said, ‘This is the greatest gift we have ever received. For the first time, we are being treated like human beings–not just something to be kept alive. For the first time, my children can play like any child.’

Meet the other 90 professional and Olympic athletes helping share the Right to Play.

Afterschool can help make champions out of all of us, both on and off the field. Thank you to our US Olympians for paying it forward and helping to make a difference in the community!


By Cara Aley, Chief Marketing Officer at Peachjar

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The Importance of Afterschool Programs

Back to school is upon us, but did you know that children are only in school 1,000 hours a year?  That leaves 4,000 hours every year when children are awake and need for their time to be structured properly.

Source: Afterschool Alliance

That’s why connecting parents with the right afterschool programs is so important!  Afterschool programs help close the achievement gap, help keep students from getting involved in crime and drugs in those afterschool hours, improve student performance in school, and improve their earning potential later in life.  Schools and parents truly can have a massive impact on the success of their students by ensuring students have access to the right types of afterschool programs.

Source: Afterschool Alliance

So let’s make sure all of our students get the opportunity to accelerate their growth path by making afterschool opportunities available to all.  We can all help:

Parents & Community Organizations: The Afterschool Alliance has a templated email you can send to your state representatives to call on them to increase afterschool program funding by $133 million and get 140,000 additional children access to these programs!  Please, help us close the achievement gap with this simple gesture.

Schools:  Schedule a quick demo with Peachjar and learn how you can much more easily put afterschool programs in the hands of every parent in your district!

By Cara Aley, Chief Marketing Officer at Peachjar

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