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The Importance of Afterschool Programs

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Back to school is upon us, but did you know that children are only in school 1,000 hours a year?  That leaves 4,000 hours every year when children are awake and need for their time to be structured properly.

Source: Afterschool Alliance

That’s why connecting parents with the right afterschool programs is so important!  Afterschool programs help close the achievement gap, help keep students from getting involved in crime and drugs in those afterschool hours, improve student performance in school, and improve their earning potential later in life.  Schools and parents truly can have a massive impact on the success of their students by ensuring students have access to the right types of afterschool programs.

Source: Afterschool Alliance

So let’s make sure all of our students get the opportunity to accelerate their growth path by making afterschool opportunities available to all.  We can all help:

Parents & Community Organizations: The Afterschool Alliance has a templated email you can send to your state representatives to call on them to increase afterschool program funding by $133 million and get 140,000 additional children access to these programs!  Please, help us close the achievement gap with this simple gesture.

Schools:  Schedule a quick demo with Peachjar and learn how you can much more easily put afterschool programs in the hands of every parent in your district!

By Cara Aley, Chief Marketing Officer at Peachjar

Peachjar.  What’s After Class.

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