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Leveraging Social Media to Increase Parent Engagement

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Social media is fast becoming one of the preferred channels for parents to stay informed about what’s going on before, during, and after school. According to a study released by Pew Research, 75% of parents use social media. Of those parents, 83% of moms and 74% of dads say they use social media as a source of useful information.

Not only that- social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or pay-per-click ads and the social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate. That’s why keeping up with social media best practices and incorporating it into your marketing strategy is so important.

Social Media Channels

With all the different social media platforms available, it can be hard to decide which ones to incorporate into your marketing strategy, especially if you have limited time and resources. If you are new to social media, you may want to start with managing one or two channels to slowly familiarize yourself with it. We suggest focusing on Facebook, as 74% of parents are on this platform, making it the primary social media channel for this audience (Pew Research).

parent social media use.png

Social Media Best Practices

Now that you know where your audience is spending their time, it’s time to engage with them! As you are coming up with a content for your channels, it’s important to keep these social media best practices in mind:

  • Be genuine and human – No one wants to engage with a company that comes off like a robot in their posts and responses. Parents connect with companies that have personality, show human characteristics, and make a difference in the world. With that said, it’s important that your organization reveals its philanthropic side. According to the Edleman goodpurpose Study, 72% of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t.
  • Respond quickly – According to a Lithium study, 65% of Twitter users expect a response in less than 2 hours. This number grows to 72% when there is a complaint involved. Social media provides you with an opportunity to cater to your audience when they are seeking support and also allows your organization to connect with parents on a more personable, authentic level. 47% of Lithium’s survey participants were more likely to make a recommendation through social media when they received a timely response from the company.

lithium response.png

  • Acknowledge positive engagement – When a parent likes, shares, or comments on your post, take that extra step and respond to them. This shows your followers that you appreciate their time and interest and in return, they’ll appreciate that you’re making the effort to engage back. Doing something as small as providing some positive affirmation can make the world of a difference in your organization’s relationship with a parent. Social media is about building relationships.
  • Be a resource – For those of you who haven’t heard of the term ‘inbound marketing’, it refers to the concept of generating your own relevant, compelling content to drive revenue for your business. Self-generated content can also mean making sure that all of your images in your social media post are branded with your organization’s logo and messaging. Thought leadership is key when providing your target audience with content- you want to establish your organization as a trustworthy and reliable source for relevant information.

We hope this information helps you achieve optimal success in your organization’s social media marketing efforts. For more best practices, register for our next webinar on how to communicate with millennial parents:

Schools – Register Here

Program Providers – Register Here

By Susan Le, Marketing Manager at Peachjar

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