Peachjar's digital flyer system helps school districts increase parent & community engagement and provides families with access to school and afterschool programs.

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What Afterschool Program Are You Thankful For?

Here at Peachjar, we talk a lot about the importance of afterschool programs and how they truly shape the lives of children. In celebration of Thanksgiving, we asked Peachjar employees “What afterschool program are you thankful for?”


“As a Cub Scout, I learned that parent engagement is critical. I utilize lessons I learned then in my parenting today.” Mike Durham, CEO & Founder


“For me, it was x-country running and track! My amazing coaches all pushed me to want to be the best individual runner AND human I could be, while also showing me the importance of and value in being a team player.” Cara Aley, Chief Marketing Officer


“US Youth Soccer helped me build team and leadership skills that encouraged me to succeed in high school, college and now in my workplace.” Brandon Ferrer, IT Support Engineer


“Girl Scouts helped me make friends with girls that I wouldn’t have otherwise interacted with. I loved going camping and it gave me the confidence to do activities without my parents.” Emily Adamiec, School Support Specialist


“Playing Pop Warner football helped me build character, learn discipline and was a great source of fun!” Wesley Van Rensburg, Director of Engineering


“AYSO helped me fall in love with soccer and made me want to be a more active person!” Kellie Brosamer, District Success Coordinator



“4H helped me with discipline as well as setting and working a plan.” Rick Jolicoeur, Operations Supervisor


“I played Little League and Pop Warner which taught me life skills and the values of teamwork, integrity and work ethic.” Sean Gousha, Director of Operations


It’s clear to see that afterschool programs have such an amazing impact on our lives! We hope that you will take a moment to thank that special afterschool program in your life, and continue the tradition of afterschool programs with future generations to come!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Peachjar!

By Rhea O’Connor, Marketing Manager at Peachjar

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Understanding Flyer Metrics and Industry Averages


Unlike paper flyers, sending your flyer digitally through Peachjar lets you see how many parents you’re actually reaching and how many of them are engaging with your content – right from your account! As your resource for digital marketing, we’re here to help you understand what these flyer metrics mean so that you can truly measure the success of your campaign. Check out this quick guide to Peachjar’s digital flyer metrics:

Open Rate: The number of unique email opens divided by the total number of successfully delivered emails. The average open rate for educational emails is 21.7%, while Peachjar’s average open rate is 38.2%.

Click-Through Rate: The number of unique clicks on your flyer divided by the total number of successfully delivered emails. The average click-through rate for educational emails is 2.7%. Peachjar’s average click-through rate is 4.6%.

What is a Unique Open or Click? Emails can be opened or clicked multiple times by the same user. Unique Opens and Unique Clicks refers to the number of individual emails that opened or clicked your flyer, respectively.

Flyer Metric Tip: Use bright colors, large font types, and child-centric images to attract more parents to your digital flyer and boost your click-through rate!

For more detailed information regarding flyer metrics, see our User Guide. To view the metrics for your flyers, log in to your account and click “My Recent Flyers”. For a more comprehensive overview, click “Flyer Metrics”.

Start your campaign today to begin tracking the success of your flyer marketing efforts!

By Susan Le, Marketing Manager at Peachjar

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Peachjar Reaches Philanthropic Milestone – $2 Million to K-12 Programs

When Peachjar opened its doors in 2011 , it set out on a mission to change the trajectory of children’s lives. Part of doing that, was allowing children the opportunity to learn about enriching programs in their community. While some of those programs were being communicated to parents via paper flyers being sent home in students’ backpacks, others were free programs that lacked the funds required to reach parents. Peachjar allowed these programs to distribute their flyers locally free of charge through its philanthropy program.

Since its inception, Peachjar has donated $2 million in flyer distributions to worthwhile programs that offer free resources to students and parents, like the FLSE Fire Prevention Program. Fire Prevention Officer Diane Woods says, “I am so excited that we can access this valuable tool to help save lives. If we save one life through this network, it doesn’t get any better.” As well as Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Club, who uses Peachjar to promote its annual food drive which serves 1,100 households each month. Their representative commented that, “Peachjar has helped many, many families!”

We’re proud to be able to help these wonderful programs reach their full potential, and to ensure that parents know about all the great programs in their community! In honor of Veteran’s Day, we’d like to say a special thank you to those who have served and continue to serve. Below is one of the many flyers in support of veterans that was shared through Peachar for free.



By Rhea O’Connor, Marketing Manager at Peachjar

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How to Become a Pro at Flyer Marketing

With winter quickly approaching, we want to do all we can to help you prepare for your upcoming programs, so that you can reach your program goals when it’s game time!

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Follow these flyer tips to maximize your program success this winter:

Carefully review the district’s flyer approval guidelines – Failure to do so can delay the distribution of your program information. Read each district’s flyer approval guidelines carefully and adjust your flyer accordingly to increase the chances of approval.

Allow the school district at least 1-2 weeks to review your flyer – Don’t wait until the last minute to request flyer approval – plan ahead and select a future distribution date so that your flyer is approved and ready to go once the selected date arrives.

Select multiple months for your campaign duration – Your flyer is posted to the school’s website for the entire selected duration and is emailed to parents every 30 days during this period, which means more exposure for your program. Plus, when you select a duration of more than one month, each additional month is 40% off!

Focus on your value proposition – Conveying the value of your program is not only helpful in getting your flyer approved, but is also important in convincing parents to register their child for your activity. Illustrate the impact that your organization makes in the lives of students by including program benefits, testimonials, and powerful visuals.

Create your campaign today and use these flyer marketing best practices to ensure that your flyer actually gets in the hands of parents this winter. For more information about how to reach more parents using Peachjar, visit

By Susan Le, Marketing Manager at Peachjar