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What Afterschool Program Are You Thankful For?

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Here at Peachjar, we talk a lot about the importance of afterschool programs and how they truly shape the lives of children. In celebration of Thanksgiving, we asked Peachjar employees “What afterschool program are you thankful for?”


“As a Cub Scout, I learned that parent engagement is critical. I utilize lessons I learned then in my parenting today.” Mike Durham, CEO & Founder


“For me, it was x-country running and track! My amazing coaches all pushed me to want to be the best individual runner AND human I could be, while also showing me the importance of and value in being a team player.” Cara Aley, Chief Marketing Officer


“US Youth Soccer helped me build team and leadership skills that encouraged me to succeed in high school, college and now in my workplace.” Brandon Ferrer, IT Support Engineer


“Girl Scouts helped me make friends with girls that I wouldn’t have otherwise interacted with. I loved going camping and it gave me the confidence to do activities without my parents.” Emily Adamiec, School Support Specialist


“Playing Pop Warner football helped me build character, learn discipline and was a great source of fun!” Wesley Van Rensburg, Director of Engineering


“AYSO helped me fall in love with soccer and made me want to be a more active person!” Kellie Brosamer, District Success Coordinator



“4H helped me with discipline as well as setting and working a plan.” Rick Jolicoeur, Operations Supervisor


“I played Little League and Pop Warner which taught me life skills and the values of teamwork, integrity and work ethic.” Sean Gousha, Director of Operations


It’s clear to see that afterschool programs have such an amazing impact on our lives! We hope that you will take a moment to thank that special afterschool program in your life, and continue the tradition of afterschool programs with future generations to come!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Peachjar!

By Rhea O’Connor, Marketing Manager at Peachjar

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